Kipling Films does not accept unsolicited materials or show ideas.

Kipling Films is casting talented southerners with huge personalities and unique businesses in Dublin, Georgia and the surrounding areas (478).

Have you been told that your home cooking tastes better than Patti Labelle’s or Paula Deen’s? Please ask about ten people who’ve EATEN your food before you say yes.

Are you a better homemaker than Martha Stewart?

Did you teach Larry The Cable Guy everything he knows? Or did Danny McBride steal YOUR comedy notebook in elementary school?

Do you know someone who has a large family kinda like the Kardashians, BUT they exemplify traditional values?

Are you a white collar professional who moved your family from a large city to Middle Georgia?

Do you know a large farming family who makes a living off the land?

Are you one of the most popular people in Dublin (a local celebrity)? Please ask about ten people you DON’T KNOW before you say yes.

Are your holiday gatherings legendary?

Are you the last of a dying breed with expertise in a rare trade, craft, or skill?

Do you own a unique family business?

Do you own a unique startup business?

Are you a successful event planner? Ok, once again… Please ask about ten people you DON’T KNOW before you say yes. Tell them to google you or something.

Are you a single college educated 20 to 30 something who moved to Middle Georgia recently?

Are you an extraordinarily talented country cook who whips up Michelin Star quality meals with lard, fatback, gizzards, chitterlings, pigs feet, hog maws, frogs legs, etc.?

Are you a successful African-American business owner who employs three or more relatives (not including yourself)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or know someone who fits the bill, then we want to hear from YOU.
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An answer of yes does not automatically disqualify you.
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